We work with our partners and clients to ensure the safety of all people in our operations. Minimising the environmental and social impact of our operational footprint.


To make an impact in our global economy, companies have to take strong positions and employ aggressive strategies. Being assertive in your business, however, can lead to high profile, high-stakes disputes and significant exposure to inquiries related to corporate and accounting fraud, anti-money laundering, and anti-corruption enforcement. GRANT helps domestic and global corporations and their counsel to address complex and risky legal impacts.

Regardless of business, industry, or market, we deliver best-in-class accounting, economic, data management and valuation expertise to help companies successfully navigate contentious commercial disputes. With full and timely knowledge of the latest regulations, our experienced investigative and technical accounting teams provide clarity, focus, and sound direction in high-risk business investigations.

We also have a unit of GRANT LIMITED provides economic and financial analysis to corporations, law firms, and government agencies. Our areas of expertise include antitrust and competition policy, securities and finance, intellectual property, regulation, labor and employment, and transfer pricing. Our experts are leading academic and industry professionals with backgrounds in economics, finance, and accounting.

GRANT CONSULTS is a Multi demensional unit that also specialises in Outsourcing for Manufacturers , suppliers ,importers and exporters.

Our analyses are grounded in economic theory and guided by the latest scholarly research. We base expert advice and testimony on an in-depth understanding of the relevant facts combined with application of economic theory and supported by rigorous empirical analysis.

Our experts are closely involved in each engagement – a key to better service and better results – and they are supported by staff experienced in the theory and application of state-of-the-art models in economic and financial analysis.

» Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
» Auctions and Market Design
» Consumer Protection
» Class Certification
» Damages
» Discrimination/Labor
» Finance, Securities Litigation and Valuation
» Antitrust and Competition Analysis
» Intellectual Property

The delicate balancing act between maximizing business opportunities and managing the inherent risks and complexities is a difficult task. Developing and maintaining strong compliance programs, optimizing performance and staying ahead of market developments requires in-depth and actionable knowledge.

Clients turn to GRANT LIMITED for the insight, innovation and experience gleaned from working closely with industry leaders, particularly in the energy, financial services, and healthcare sectors. Our management consultant partner with organizations to manage risk and regulatory challenges, enhance operations, increase value and improve performance.

Our unique combination of practical experience and subject matter expertise enables us to provide innovative management consulting solutions that create a positive and lasting impact on your overall strategy, reputation, and growth.


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